Grooming Services


Professional and Passionate about pets!

We service pets of all sizes and breeds from the tiniest toy breeds to the giant breeds. We strive to preserve a beautiful healthy coat. We work on a schedule only basis and a cage free experience as much as possible to create a stress free environment. To us it's not just a pet it's a family member. We are open to an array of grooming stiles from the traditional pet grooms, breed specific grooms, to the fun Asian Style Grooms! Remember at Plush Paws Grooming it's never Just a pet, they are FAMILY!


~ under 6 months

~ $45 small bread, $50 large breed

1st Groom

~ Bath, Cut, Ears Cleaned, Nails & Style

About Our Services

Initial Consult - Always free! Bring your pet to meet Miss Tammy Our Certified Groomer to discuss your needs and desire.

Pawsative Puppy - Puppy's first groom under 6 months. Let us get your pup started off right! Includes a gentle fun introduction to grooming with a bath, fluff dry, nails ears and trimming service.

Price varies according to size, coat condition & style.

Services Menu

Fluff & Buff

Bath with top quality shampoo & conditioner, and nails trimmed & filed, ears cleaned, light scissor to face, feet and sanitary trim.

Double Coated Breeds

Bath, blow-out, deshedding shampoo & conditioner, raked, nail trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, light scissoring & trimming. Pricing depends on size & coat.

*I do not shave double coated dogs!*

Pampered Pooch

Bath with top quality shampoo & conditioner, and nails trimmed & filed, ears cleaned, full style, scissoring and clippers. Starting prices depending on size, coat & style.


Doodles medium and larger start at $65 and up depending on size & coat.

Standard poodles

Standard poodles price depends on size, coat & style.

Splash & Dash Mini Makeover

Can't keep up with brushing between Grooms! Let us do it! Brush out and comb 30 minutes, ears cleaned & choice of spray cologen


Pawlish (color)

Deep Sea Mud Bath - Exfoliates Skin to remove impurities. Conditions skin with valuable minerals and hydrates with 100% certified Aloe Vera with a tranquil mint Fragrance

What Size is My Dog?


Tiny - 1 to 10 lbs.


Small - 10 to 30 lbs.


Medium - 30 to 50 lbs.


Large - 50 to 75 lbs.


Extra Large - 75 to 100 lbs.


Giant - Over 100 lbs.